Rain Water Collection, Storage and Harvesting Benefits

Who is Rainwater ( aka; Stormwater ) Management for?

Anyone and everyone who understands the importance of earth’s most precious and valuable resource, Water!

The adaptability of our modular underground water storage reservoir (cistern) enables us to meet any site requirements.

Our revolutionary rain water system can be implemented into virtually any new or existing, commercial or residential landscape in order to conserve water or manage stormwater runoff.

A Ties with Nature Rainwater collection, storage and harvesting system can earn an unprecedented 12 LEED® (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation points as well as several credits off of the Built Green Canada checklist, it is the ideal solution for any green building project.

The image below illustrates how the integration of our rain harvesting system into new building developments is a more efficient use of land than stormwater retention ponds, resulting in an increase of valuable usable real estate.

No unattractive rain barrels, rain water tanks or unsightly water cisterns.

The Ties with Nature Rainwater Harvesting System will increase property value and improve the visual appeal to any landscape.

The sky is the limit!  The versatility of our unique system allows us to incorporate seamlessly into any commercial or residential landscape design.

  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of a 3 foot or 30 foot natural looking pondless waterfall in your own front or backyard.
  • Let the welcoming sound of a bubbling rock greet customers or potential clients at your office or store front.
  • Impress your visitors at a lobby or entranceway with a bubbling rock or water feature spilling at their feet while they unknowingly walk over our rain water storage cistern concealed directly below, beneath attractive permeable pavers.

Environmental Rainwater Harvesting Benefits

  • Protects our plants, wildlife, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans from stormwater runoff pollution.  Our system can be used to help manage stormwater runoff not only from a roof through a downspout, but for many stormwater management projects including impervious surfaces such as patios, parking lots, meridians, etc.
  • Our system can be the solution to drainage problems such as flooding and erosion.
  • Water is delivered back to our aquifers for future use.
  • Rain water from our system is oxygenated and is very high in nutrients which is ideal for plant health abolishing the need for harmful fertilizers.  The rainwater is soft and neutral unlike municipally treated or well water.
  • Incorporating naturescaping around the Ties with Nature system will create a wildlife habitat that can provide water, food and shelter for indigenous wildlife species.  Our naturescaping services are highly recommended in conjunction with our system to help offset a loss of habitat due to new building developments.

Economic Rainwater Harvesting Benefits

  • The Ties with Nature Rainwater collection, storage and harvest system is affordable and our sub-surface water reservoir is generally less expensive that the above ground rain water cisterns.
  • It is possible to reduce your water bill by 35% or more while alleviate the demand on municipal treated water.
  • Our system will improve the beauty and integrity of your landscape while increasing your property value.

What can rain water be used for?

  • We are able to connect a professional irrigation system directly to the sub-surface water cistern and/or to a garden hose in order to irrigate your lawn or water naturescapes or flowerbeds.
  • Manages stormwater runoff, prevents flooding and solves drainage issues.
  • Greywater uses such as flushing toilets and laundry.
  • Top off water features, ponds, fountains, swimming pools and hot tubs.
  • Wash your vehicles or rinse off your outdoor patio.

In conclusion here are a few facts to leave you with…

“Less than 2% of the earth’s water is fresh. 1% being available for drinking and the rest is frozen.”

“Landscaping, laundry and flushing toilets account for up to 75% or more of fresh water used in the average home.”

“During the past century, the world’s population has tripled but water use has increased six-fold.  The U.N’s population division projects that we are adding 240,00 people each day, heading towards a global population of 8.04 billion by the year 2025. 50% will live in “water stressed areas”

“All the water that will ever be is, right now.”

This brings us full circle and returns us to the question that we opened with:
Who is Rainwater Management for?  You.

For further details and information please visit our Rain Water Harvesting page.


Rain Water Collection, Storage and Harvesting Benefits

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