LEED Stormwater / Rainwater Management

LEED® Rainwater / Stormwater Management Solution

On Vancouver Island, British Columbia and throughout most of Canada it is now required by law that new residential and commercial developments instill some means of a rainwater management solution in their design.

The unique Rainwater / Stormwater collection, storage and harvesting system provided by Ties with Nature has the potential to earn up to 12 LEED® (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation points and is the ideal solution for any green building project.

The Ties with Nature sustainable rainwater / stormwater management solution offers the unique integration of a water feature that provides aeration and filtration but also greatly enhances the overall landscape design.  The modular design of the sub-surface water storage system allows for complete customization based on your green building design requirements.

Implementing this functional and attractive rainwater / stormwater management system in a new development as a BMP (Best Management Practice) can generate more buildable lots on development properties by being a much more efficient use of land than traditional stormwater retention and detention ponds.

Leed Stormwater Management Plan

Although extremely beneficial to new green developments the Ties with Nature rainwater management solution can be retrofitted into existing communities, sub-divisions or any construction in order to solve drainage issues and releive over-taxed stormwater systems.

The criteria for the incredible 12 LEED® credits that can be earned are derived from four separate categories:

Sustainable Sites (up to 4 credits)

By temporarily storing large volumes of water in a
small footprint, the system allows you
to maximize open space (credit 5.1) while minimizing
the development footprint (credit 5.2). This also reduces
the total quantity of stormwater runoff (credit 6.1).
Incorporating the rainwater system as part of a
bioretention system can also help remove pollutants
from runoff (credit 6.2).

  • Credit 5.1 – Reduced Site Disturbance,
    Protect or Restore Open Space
  • Credit 5.2 – Reduced Site Disturbance,
    Development Footprint
  • Credit 6.1 – Stormwater Management,
    Rate or Quantity
  • Credit 6.2 – Stormwater Management,

Water Efficiency (up to 4 credits)

The rainwater management system stores rainwater to be used to
irrigate the landscaping (credits 1.1 & 1.2), resulting in
reduced demand on the building’s potable water resources
(credits 3.1 & 3.2).

  • Credit 1.1 – Water Efficient Landscaping,
    Reduce by 50%
  • Credit 1.2 – Water Efficient Landscaping,
    No Potable Use or No Irrigation
  • Credit 3.1 – Water Use Reduction,
    20% Reduction
  • Credit 3.2 – Water Use Reduction,
    30% Reduction

Materials and Resources (up to 3 credits)

Many of the components of the system are made from recycled plastic and can
contribute to the project’s recycled content (credits 4.1 &
4.2). The system can be shipped to the job
site fully assembled from a warehouse facility, or can be
shipped flat and assembled on site (credit 5.1).

  • Credit 4.1 – Recycled Content, Specify 25%
  • Credit 4.2 – Recycled Content, Specify 50%
  • Credit 5.1 – Local/Regional Materials, 20%
    Manufactured Locally

Innovation and Design Process (up to 1 credit)
There are many ways to incorporate the Ties With Nature
System into the design of a green building.

  • Credit 1.3 – Innovation in Design: Specific Title

For the first time Ties with Nature is able to provide Developers, Builders, Architects, and Land Planners the opportunity to incorporate the now mandatory rainwater / stormwater management strategy regulations as a visually appealing design asset, rather than an undesirable afterthought.

Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries regarding our rainwater management sytem.