Pondless Waterfalls

What is a Pondless Waterfall and What Are The Benefits?

Pondless Waterfall BuildBeautiful and Low Maintenance
Freshen up the entrance to your office or home. A Pondless Waterfall design by Ties With Nature can add great curb appeal to any home or business looking to add to the aesthetic valve of their property. The low cost and easy maintenance make this system an easy choice for those wanting to add some zest to their existing landscape plan.


Safe Pondless WaterfallIf  small children safety is a concern, you can start with a Pondless Waterfall.  The design of a pondless waterfall ensures that there is never any pooling of water eliminating any liability. With the simple addition of a skimmer and larger liner, you can convert your system to a pond when the kids are older.

Some people feel that taking care of fish would be a little too much of a responsibility and that they won’t be able to leave their pond for long periods of time, while others say they do not have enough room for a whole pond. The Pondless Waterfall is virtually maintenance free!


The cost of a Pondless Waterfall is usually less than a full-blown pond, and waterfalls can be placed on a timer for electrical savings.

The name “pondless waterfall” derives from the fact that the water level never pools above the level of the rock giving it the appearance of a disappearing waterfall and stream minus the pond.

How a Pondless Waterfall Design Works

Pondless Waterfall

Water is stored in an underground basin that also contains the pump and housing.  The water storage basin is then lined and filled with rock and smaller gravel.

The water is circulated from underground beneath the rocks and gravel by the concealed submersible pump and travels through an rugged tubing to the waterfall, down the stream and empties into the underground water storage basin.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to arrange an on site estimate for a pondless waterfall design and installation.  You may also wish to return to our Ponds and Water Features home page.