Cleaning & Maintenance

Pond Cleaning and Maintenance

Every fish pond, water garden or water feature is unique but a general rule of thumb is to have your pond professionally cleaned and maintained at minimum 2-3 times each year for the healthiest and clearest pond possible.

A thorough cleaning on your fish pond or water feature  should be performed in the early spring.  If removed, pond pumps should be reinstalled and filters and waterfalls could be turned on.

UV lights should be inspected and changed if necessary.  The water chemistry of your pond should also be checked and adjusted if necessary.

March / April is normally the perfect time for a spring cleaning with the climate here on Vancouver Island.  Click the following link for complete  details on our spring pond cleaning and maintenance service.

A general checkup and light maintenance mid season from July-August is recommended.  Any issues such as water clarity or plant / fish health should be addresses at this time.  An equipment check on pumps, skimmers, filters, etc should be performed at this time to ensure a beautiful pond all the way through the season until it is time for the fall pond cleaning and winter preparation.

A fall  fish pond cleaning and winter preparation is required to ensure that plants and fish will comfortably endure the winter and be healthy and vibrant come spring.  If required  air diffusers and/or heaters should also be installed.  Aquatic pond plants should be cut back to reduce decay over the winter months.  The optimal time for a fall cleaning is from mid September to November.

We also offer bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly service plans to suit your water features needs.  Our fish pond maintenance plans include a cleaning and the addition of biological environmentally safe beneficial treatments.  The biological pond treatments help maintain water clarity, biodegrade organic waste and also ensure the presence of phosphorus free essential trace elements.