Ties with Nature is thrilled to provide Naturescape (or nature scape) services.  Essentially,  Naturescaping is a method of landscape design that allows humans and nature to coexist harmoniously.

NaturescapingNaturescaping is beauty and function. It is the practice of designing (or redesigning) a landscape so that it reduces water use, stormwater runoff, and pollution without sacrificing splendor. Plus, it saves you time, money, and energy – all while providing a beautiful habitat for you and wildlife to share.

Naturescaping emphasizes creating landscapes with purpose that are both beautiful and provide habitat for native plant and animal species.  This application of naturescape principles has a significant role to play in the creation of sustainable landscapes in British Columbia.

-Naturescape British Columbia

The practice of Naturescaping focuses primarily on native plants and selecting the best ones for your particular setting and needs. Native plants are recommended because they are adapted to our soil and climate so they need relatively little or no watering, fertilizing, or care once established.  They are also less susceptible to common garden pests and diseases, and they attract a variety of native birds and butterflies by providing food and shelter.

Choosing to naturescape your property with native plants will significantly decrease the cost of your grounds maintenance by:

  • eliminating the need for fertilizers and pesticides
  • native plants require far less watering and are much more drought tolerant and disease resistant
  • greatly reduce costs and pollution associated with continual aesthetic maintenance and care

( The EPA has found that one hour of lawn mowing contributes as much smog pollution as driving 10 cars for one hour, that’s about about 1050 km. )

Humming birdThe powerful combination of  water along with the native plant species will begin to attract an enormous amount of biodiversity in wildlife including beneficial insects, birds along with many other animals.

At this point we will erect a number of different enmities to cater to your new guests that may include bird, bat or bee homes and shelters.

Naturescaping is not restricted solely towards residential properties.  Businesses can display to the community that they are an innovator in environmentally sound methods of landscaping and that they care about the disappearance of our wildlife habitats by incorporating our naturescape designs and making a difference.

Once our Naturescaping process is complete your  wildlife sanctuary will begin to thrive and you will know that you are stepping up and playing a role in offsetting the loss of habitat caused from urban growth.

Establishing a Naturescape ties in seamlessly and can be sustained entirely by our unique rainwater collection and harvesting system.

For more information on our Naturescaping process please feel free to contact us.