Native Plant Harvest

On Monday October 25th 2010 we had the absolute pleasure to lend a hand and take part in a native plant salvage mission organized by the Nanaimo Area Land Trust ( NALT ).  The native plants were harvested with permission, from a gorgeous property in Yellowpoint, south of Nanaimo.

We had the opportunity to harvest a wide array of native plant species and varieties including small plants, ferns, shrubs and trees.  Just a few of the specific native plants that we were able to collect include Sword Fern,  Nootka Rose, Arbutus, Grand Fir, Oceanspray, Oregon Grape, Elderberry and more.  Many if not all of these plants make a terrific addition and can play an integral and vital role in creating a beautiful and functional naturescape right in your own yard.  Visit our naturescaping services page to view the many benefits that come along with implementing a naturescape design at home.

All of the native plants mentioned above and much, much more are available for purchase from the Nanaimo Area Land Trust Native Plant Nursery which is located just South of Nanaimo at 3145 Frost Road.  The Native Plant Nursery hours are 10am to 4pm Wednesday to Saturday.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the owner of the gorgeous property, home to an abundance of healthy native plants and also to Susan Fisher manager of the NALT Native Plant Nursery for doing a terrific job organizing the event and also for allowing us to take part and lend a hand.

Native Plant Harvest

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