Welcome to the Ties with Nature website! Ties with Nature Ponds and Gardens is Vancouver Island’s premier business for all your pond and water feature services. The business is now in it’s 6th year and we enjoying year-on-year growth in satisfied customers! We invite you to take a tour of the website and see the kinds of services we are able to offer to residential and commercial clients.


About the Owners

Susan & Cheryl bought this thriving business venture in the Spring of 2013 with a view to building up its customer base and expanding its offering of specialist services – such as rain water harvesting systems. We have undertaken training with industry specialists.

Our reason for buying this business was to develop our understanding of nature and ecology and share these principles of sustainability with people and their properties. We offer nature inspired design, construction and maintenance services that have a sustainable and beneficial impact on our environment.

Ties with Nature is a licensed company based out of Qualicum Beach, British Columbia.  We carry liability insurance and are registered with WorkSafe BC.

We offer the following services:

Pond Design & Construction

We are pleased to offer complete solutions for your pond, waterfall or water feature needs.  From the first on-site estimate consultation we will work along with you and offer our creativity and expertise towards  the water feature design of your dreams.  We specialize in the design and construction of natural looking ponds, waterfalls and pond less waterfalls but also cater to those wishing to implement modern water features or water walls.  Please feel free to browse our pond construction and waterfall design image gallery or our pond and waterfall video gallery.

Pond Maintenance & Maintenance Plans

Pond Cleaning and Maintenance ServiceDo you have a green or slimy pond?  Does your waterfall leak or is your pond losing water?  Is your water feature overrun and being choked out with aquatic plants?  Has your pond pump pumped it’s last gallon of water?  The answer to these and many more questions is our pond maintenance service.

We will work along with you to develop a custom pond maintenance plan developed specifically for the unique needs and requirements of your pond.  It takes continual care and attention to acquire an ideal balance for a healthy pond ecosystem.  If you have a pond emergency or require a one time pond cleaning we can handle that too.

Rainwater Collection and Harvesting

Our unique Rainwater Harvesting System provides you with the sights and sounds of a beautiful self sustaining pondless waterfall while allowing you to avoid unsightly above ground water cisterns.  You will also avoid water bans and watering restrictions.  Our sub-service rainwater collection basin allows you to capture, store and reuse clean filtered, nutrient rich rain water rather than municipally treated water or hard well water.


Naturescaping ServicesOur naturescape service is the practice of designing (or redesigning) a landscape primarily utilizing native plants to reduce water use, stormwater runoff, and pollution without sacrificing splendor.

Creating a naturescape will also save you time, money, and energy – all while providing a beautiful habitat for birds, wildlife, and you.  You can have a flourishing wildlife habitat right in your own yard.

Pond & Waterfall Restoration

Pond Restoration ServicesPerhaps you have acquired a new property while in turn inheriting an old pond or maybe your current pond requires a bit of a face lift or even an addition, we can help.  We posses the experience and knowledge base required in order to revive your pond and provide you with a brand new highly efficient and visually appealing water feature


[img src=http://www.tieswithnature.ca/wp-content/flagallery/home-page/thumbs/thumbs_dsc00230.jpg]1200
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to be enjoyed for years to come.


contact us  For more information on any of our services or if you would like to request a free on-site estimate please feel free to contact us by telephone or email, we look forward to hearing from you.